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Los Angeles based composer Benjamin Roberts is dedicated to delivering the perfect musical atmosphere for your product. Whether you need original music for film, television, commercial adverts, video games or any other form of digital media, Roberts will produce industry standard final mixes ready to be synced to picture.

Known for his ability to transcend a wide range of styles and instrumentations, Roberts specializes in anything from epic, emotional and cinematic orchestral scores to rock & roll, jazz and everything in between. Often referred to as a powerhouse of music production, Roberts also works extremely quickly, with unbeatable quotes for quick post-production turn around.

  • The Amazing Wizard of Paws
  • Halloween Hell
  • Luggage
  • Shades of Darkness
  • King Kong
  • What Dreams May Come
  • K-Pax
  • Cinema Paradiso
  • The Dark Knight
  • Sunshine
  • Intergenerational School
  • Equal or Better
  • Lions: BBC Special
  • The Birds
  • The Italian Job

"Shades of Darkness" (2014)

Stream the entire score for the movie here. Buy a digital download of the soundtrack here.

Commercial Licensing

Epic Orchestral

Mixed Styles Reel

Dramatic Documentary Music

More Credits

Bravo Media, LLC - A Division of NBCUniversal

Director - Ted Bortolin

Follows the lives of property brokers in Los Angeles.


S9E11 - "You Can't Do This To Me Again

Pack of Dogs Productions

Writer - Tom Anastasi
Director - Eric Eastman

Runtime: 116 min.

A woman's emotional, spiritual, legal, and ultimately romantic journey as she battles to heal the wounds of child sexual abuse.

O2A Media, Inc.

Writer and Director - Ose Oyamendan
Executive Producer - Andrew L. White

America's #1 private detective goes to Kenya to search for evidence of Obama's Kenyan origin.


S1E1 - Welcome To The Jungle
S1E2 - Gathering The Evidence
S1E3 - Secrets over Taskah
S1E4 - The Imam
S1E5 - Boom
S1E6 - Bang
Whimsical Pictures

Writer/Director - Ian Adema
Producer - Ian Adema
Starring - Ian Adema

Runtime: 6 min.

Rick is determined to get back to his wife. Except she's nowhere to be found, a Revenant Keeper is coming for him, and there is something important he doesn't know about. Starring Ian Adema, Jay Farmer, Paul McPheeters, and Abby Knoettgen.

Illusive Pictures

Writer and Director - James Ferguson
Producer - David Entin

Will Ellison (Rhet Kid - The Equalizer, Olive Kitteridge) a former high school football star, thought he did everything right. But after five long unemployed years since leaving college, he's realizing that his future isn't the handout he was promised. Withis parents' financial support drying up and the world leaving him behind, Will has to choose to grow up or be lost with the fading American Dream.

Camina Ertainment

Writer and Director - Robert L. Camina
Producer - Robert L. Camina

On June 24, 1973, a gay bar in New Orleans called the Up Stairs Lounge was deliberately set on fire, resulting in the largest gay mass murder in U.S. history.

Freebird Entertainment

Writers - Rebecca Norris and Gabrielle Glenn
Producers - Rebecca Norris and Gabrielle Glenn
Starring - Lisa Roumain

Dana Lafferty, a devoted wife and mother who put aside her dreams to raise her family is blindsided when she receives an anonymous letter revealing that her husband of 15 years, James, has been leading a double life.


Whimsical Pictures

Writer/Director - Ian Adema
Producer - Ian Adema
Starring - Jen Brown

Runtime: 10 min.

A fantasy short about a girl who finds her way into another world by stepping through a mirror. Influenced by Alice In Wonderland. Starring Jen Brown, Aleksandar Filimonovic, Andrew Lobo, and Cristofer Sanders.

Illusive Pictures

Writer/Director - James Ferguson
Producer - David Entin
Starring - Jeff Stern

Runtime: 19 min.

With five days before the exam of a lifetime, a student locks himself away in his apartment to prepare. As night by night his chances of passing unscathed grow slimmer, he fights himself and isolation while the clock ticks away to a deadline he might never be ready for.

Small Craft Advisory Productions

Writer/Director - Kris Karter

Runtime: 53 min.

Equal or Better: The Story of the Silver Line explores the history of transportation equity in America through the lens of three communities in Boston. It unearths a story of environmental justice, race relations, and probes how we allocate tax-dollars in transportation in this nation.

TIS Online

Writer/Director - Bart Nourse
Writer/Director - Sandria Parsons

Runtime: 60 min.

The Intergenerational School was born from the desire to create a school that honored and respected children and enabled them to each learn in a time frame and manner that suited their individual capabilities. To do this meant rejecting age as the single most important factor in organizing the educational environment and experiences.


"When Ben Roberts composes a score; he delivers, and with diversity to his quality music, his passion for his work only adds to the musical creativity that breathes the final breath of life into a project."

Ian Adema - Whimsical Pictures

"Ben hears the pulse of projects, he finds the tone and pace of our edit and brings it to vivid life. He's quick, he's efficient, and he's good. It's always an utter pleasure to collaborate with him because I know that he understands the story at large and will work tirelessly to serve it. His range and professionalism doesn't just make Ben a great composer, he's also a cinematic partner, and I leap at every opportunity to get him onto my projects."

David Entin - Illusive Pictures

Contact Information

I am always available to take on more projects and discuss rates. I work both in Los Angeles, and remotely. Please email or call me for for a quick reply.

Email: benrobertscomposer @ gmail.com

Phone: 1 (339) 223 9425

Los Angeles, CA 90038